Coal Mining Injury & Death

25 out of 100,000 coal mine workers suffer from serious coal mining injuries annually, according to the statistics released by the US Dept. of Labor. Compared to other workers in other industries suffering from fatal accidents – which is about 4 out of every 100,000 workers; this statistics is much higher. Working in coal mining industries can inherit serious accidents, but a lot of these accidents can be prevented. Hiring a West Virginia coal mine injury lawyers can help get a worker compensated for their injuries that stemmed from another worker’s or business’ negligence.

Coal mine operators are legally required to keep a safe mine environment for workers and ensure their coal mine workers are properly trained so they can complete their job safely. The federal and state have mandated these regulations as part of the safety requirement for every coal mining in the US.

Coal mining accidents usually happen when an employer ignored these safety regulations; and the worker and his family can file a lawsuit against the mining operator or owner of the company. A seasoned West Virginia personal injury lawyer can find several regulations to determine if the worker can get a claim based on the operator or employer’s lack of following the mandated safety regulations. The personal injury lawyer can make sure that the defendant will be held accountable for having ignored these regulated safety protocols.

Coal mining accidents can range from minor to major injuries and can be caused by several reasons such as:

  • Coal stock pile collapse.

  • Longwall shield collapse.

  • A roof collapsing.

  • Explosions.

  • Inadequate safety equipment or defective tools.

  • Unsecured mine cars.

  • Toxic chemical exposures.

So if a coal mining worker is injured due to a coal mining accident, there is a chance that victim will get a monetary compensation for their injury. Compensation will be for your hospital bills, other medical expenses incurred, lost of wage or income as well as for pain and suffering.

Take heed that coal mine operators have a team of experienced lawyers that will try to diminish the amount of damages to pay the injured employees; but with the help of the West Virginia coal mine injury lawyers, we will be able to get you in a playing field with the company to give you a better chance of claiming a higher amount of compensation to pay for the damages from your injuries.

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