Avoid Injury During The Holidays in West Virginia

The incidents of injuries are staggering every holiday season. Some are due to the winter weather, such as ice, snow, and sleet, but most are the direct result of decorating. Whether hanging lights for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, it is important to prepare, watch out for wires overhead, and place ladders securely on the ground. Have someone to help to avoid lights getting tangled, and be mindful of the conditions. Slippery surfaces will be an issue, so wear boots or work boots with excellent traction.

Businesses Beware Business owners must be careful to avoid risking holiday injuries for employees, customers, or visitors. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain safe conditions. Any injuries due to neglect will most likely result in a lawsuit. If displaying trees, for example, make sure they are secured and will not fall over. Keep floors as dry as possible at the entrance of the business and hire an excellent plowing company to clear the parking lot and walkways of snow and ice.

Candles Every type of holiday celebrated at the end of the year includes candles. They are beautiful and provide a warm glow. Candles are also dangerous, even the small ones in glass jars. Tree, house, and business fires will spread fast and can cause a loss of life, injury, and massive damage. Any injuries suffered due to candles or burns can be devastating, expensive, painful, and cause permanent damage and disfigurement.

Personal Injuries Personal injuries suffered during the holidays may have been caused by more than one entity. A personal injury lawyer will investigate the causes and seek compensation from any individual, company, and manufacturer at fault.

Most of those injured each year has taken care to keep their spaces safe so they can enjoy the holidays. An injury due to neglect can render those efforts useless and is unacceptable. Compensation will not give anyone the holiday season back to enjoy, but it will make up for medical expenses and lost wages. Call Jacobs Law Office to set up a free consultation with Pat today.

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