When to File Lawsuits for Defective Medical Products


Modern medicine is supposed to help us, and most of the time, it does. Periodically, though, a medical product reaches consumer markets that has the potential to cause serious harm or even death. When these defective medical products cause harm, victims of the manufacturers' negligence are often entitled to compensation.

It would be impossible to keep track of all the defective product lawsuits out there. This article will introduce four products. Three are medical products and one causes serious medical concerns. If you have used these products and are suffering now, as a result, you should consult a lawyer immediately.

Invokana Lawsuits

Invokana is a medication used for type 2 diabetes that has led to serious side effects in users. These side effects included the development of diabetic ketoacidosis, severe kidney infections, heart attacks, strokes, and more. For those who have taken Invokana amputation of the leg, foot, or toe may also be necessary.

The risk for serious cardiovascular issues and limb amputation led to the release of an FDA black box warning regarding the risks of Invokana that includes all of the potential side effects listed above. Patients who have taken this drug and have required hospitalization, surgery or serious medical treatment as a result of its side effects may be able to receive compensation for their injuries. Those who have a loved one who has died due to complications from Invokana may also be entitled to financial compensation.

Talc Powder Lawsuits

Talc is an ingredient in talcum powder, also known as baby powder. This common household product is often used by women as a hygiene product. Unfortunately, it may be giving some of them ovarian cancer. There are several talc-containing products form the Johnson & Johnson line that have been linked to ovarian cancer. These include the company's Shower to Shower product as well as its Baby Powder.

The company initially claimed it was safe to use due to the fact that it used asbestos-free talc but scientists are now noticing the presence of talc powder in ovarian cells beginning all the way back in 1971. Today, there have been dozens of reputable scientific studies performed that show a link between the use of talc on the genitals and the development of ovarian cancer. Since the company did not warn about this risk, those who have developed cancer may be able to file a lawsuit to receive compensation.

Birth Control Lawsuits

Essure is a type of permanent birth control produced by Bayer that has been linked to nearly 30,000 serious injuries or deaths. The FDA issued a black box warning for the device in 2016 but did not take it off the market.

Although Bayer has since pulled the device from the U.S. market, many women are still struggling with the lasting impact of its use. If they have suffered serious adverse effects like severe abdominal pain, cramping, device migration or expulsion, miscarriages of unintended pregnancies, hair loss, autoimmune problems, or others, they may have grounds to sue.

Monsanto Lawsuits

Although Roundup certainly isn't a medical product or device, it can still cause severe medical problems. Public sentiment and legal rulings alike have recently begun to turn against Monsanto, with one jury ordering the company to pay $289 million to a groundskeeper who was diagnosed with cancer after using the product.

Seek An Attorney If Needed

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Skyler Barnhart