The Essure Debate


Lawsuits Rising Across West Virginia

Bayer has opted to discontinue selling the defective medical device, Essure, a birth control implant. As of July 20th, 2018, many women in West Virginia are still dealing with unanticipated side effects of this popular birth control method. While women wish to retain control over when they begin their family, the side effects seen with this device are simply too much for them to bear. They weren't given all of the information needed to make an informed decision as to whether this method was right for their needs. As a result, many Essure lawsuits across West Virginia have been filed.

What is Essure?

A non-surgical form of birth control, Essure offered a permanent way to prevent pregnancy, making it an attractive method for women to choose when to have a baby. Furthermore, thanks to the easy insertion process, women found they could return to their normal routine almost immediately after the procedure. There was no healing or recovery time required. The device was nothing more than two coils that were inserted into the patient's fallopian tubes, however, these coils brought about scar tissues and the closing of the tubes. The idea was that when the tubes were closed, pregnancy could not occur. The only drawback believed to be associated with the device was the need for another form of birth control until this scar tissue formed.

Undisclosed Side Effects

Numerous women found that they had side effects when using Essure. Some women became pregnant after having the device installed, while others reported they had painful cramping, pain in their abdomen, allergic reactions, and more. They were not warned of these potential side effects before choosing to use the device and are now suing as a result. Other women found that they suffered from nausea and vomiting as well as bloating and irregular periods, continuous discomfort, and itchy skin. Sadly, some women have had even more severe side effects with Essure. The device has been known to migrate, so many women found their fallopian tubes or uterus were perforated after the insertion of Essure; The device has broken in some cases and ectopic pregnancies had taken place. Some women even lost their lives following the use of it.

Legal Action Taken by Women

Numerous women are now suing the company, saying Bayer did not disclose all possible side effects. These lawsuits were first filed beginning in 2015 and they continue on today. Federal preemption, however, is making it difficult for those who do choose to sue. The FDA allowed Essure to be offered in the country after putting it through rigorous clinical testing and the agency's Premarket Approval Process. This process shields Bayer from any product liability lawsuits that may arise. Therefore, any woman who used Essure and experienced side effects should contact Pat Jacobs for a free consultation, so you have your day in court and help to ensure this harmful device does not make its way to the market once again.

Skyler Barnhart