Workplace Injury and Death: How to Know When You Need a Lawyer

How to Know When You Need a Lawyer

In 2016, almost 3.7 million workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in the United States. An average of 150 people died each day during that year because of hazardous working conditions. Worker’s compensation is designed to help those who suffer a work-related Injury or for family members of those who are killed on the job, but it can be difficult to get the full amount of compensation that is needed. This is where a West Virginia worker’s injury and death lawyer can be incredibly helpful.

Filing a Claim for Worker’s Compensation

The person who is injured can file their own claim for worker’s compensation, but if the worker died because of their injuries, the widow or children will need to file a work-related death claim. The steps to filing a claim should be provided by the place of employment and will need to be carefully looked over and filled out for the claim to go through as quickly as possible. Most people do not hire a lawyer for this part of the process, but this is the time when you should hire a lawyer in order to increase the possibility of getting the highest compensation possible.

The Problem With Filing a Claim

While worker’s compensation is intended to provide compensation to those who are injured or killed on the job, not everyone will be approved. Denial reasons can vary and can be based on the type of injury, when the injury occurred, the medical assistance obtained after the injury, and more. After a claim has been denied, the person does have the chance to appeal the decision and request compensation again. If the person did not hire a work-related injury and death lawyer for the claim portion of the process, it is during this time that it’s incredibly beneficial to hire one to ensure that their appeal has the best chance of approval possible.

Hiring a Lawyer for Assistance

If the person’s claim is denied, they can use a work-related injury and death lawyer in West Virginia to file an appeal. A lawyer is absolutely necessary at this point to ensure everything is done properly and to drastically minimize the chance of the appeal being denied. A lawyer will review all information for the case as well as the reason that the claim was initially denied to see what needs to be done to boost the chance of obtaining compensation through the appeal. Such lawyers like Pat Jacobs will work with the person to fill out any paperwork needed for the appeal and represent the person through the appeals process. They can also explain the appeals process so the person understands what is happening and what their chances are for obtaining compensation.

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury or you’re the widow or children of someone who has been killed on the job, hiring a lawyer can enable you to have a much better chance of getting the compensation you deserve. Sit down with Pat for a free consultation and he will work hard to ensure that you’re compensated for your injury or loss.

Skyler Barnhart