Fracking Gas Well Injury & Death

Fracking accidents around West Virginia are a serious matter. If you are facing serious fracking accidents in West Virginia, it is imperative that you contact the best West Virginia Fracking Injury Lawyer – G. Patrick Jacobs of the Jacobs Law Office. G. Patrick Jacobs will fight for your rights and bring those erring companies to justice.

Similar to having gas & oil accidents, these fracking accidents can also bring several injuries, and the most common of these drilling injuries include:

  • Broken bones.

  • Toxic fume inhalation.

  • Traumatic brain injury.

  • Minor to sever burns.

If one sustained serious fracking injury, make sure that the victim seeks medical attention immediately and then contact Jacobs Law Office. It is advisable not to talk to an insurance company because they can make you think they are your friend, BUT the truth is: these insurance companies care about one thing – to pay victim as little money as possible after the accident.

With a fracking injury lawyer, they will hold companies and people accountable.

G. Patrick Jacobs of the Jacobs Law Office focuses on getting clients’ compensation to help cover the real costs of an accident. A common mistake people make is focusing only on the short-term needs, especially on the medical expenses, but a lot of these accidents cost people a lot of money in the following years. You need to think about the expenses that an accident could cost you in the future:

  • Loss of income.

  • Physical therapy.

  • Additional operations.

  • Any home modifications for those that sustained permanent disabilities.

If you think about these expenses, they add up and you will definitely need the West Virginia Fracking Injury Lawyer help to get a fair settlement.

Having serious accidents will demand serious attention and serious action. For more information about getting a free case evaluation for your situation, call (304)926-6676 – and you can count on real legal assistance. There are no contingency fees, no tricks, no upfront costs – so if you don’t win – you don’t pay.


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